Books: spirits, winged, good legions, families, apocalypse

Relics: trap and staff

R0: anticipation
R1: hardened
R3: sc: area cooldowns immunity

Life: 87901
Atk: 8701
Speed: 7815

Role: Nature denier with cooldowns protection, stun and possess capabilities and support as a denier.

Meet Chuckle Muckel's brother, he was protect the fairies or flowers, besides he was saw a green meteor, then the fairy world was crashed, also his garden was protect him, but he has a shield protection, then the green meteor crashed the shield, then he targeted him. The fairy and his garden world was collide, Chuckle Muckel cried over the tears, then the tear was her brother, then he's alive with Inquisitor and Overseer Fragments, then he was named: Tuckles.


Fairy shield: applies 5% life shield to one ally. Sta: 5 cd: 0

Halt staff: 50% chance to stun to one enemy. deals extremely low nature damage to one enemy. requires cooldown. Sta: 7 cd: 1

Group 1

Gumamela: heals 15% total life to one ally. Sta: 10 cd: 0

Orchid: 50% chance of possess to all enemies. deals extremely low magic damage to all enemies. requires cooldown. Sta: 15 cd: 0

Group 2

Sunflower: applies sunburn and possess to one enemy. deals low special damage to one enemy. requires cooldown. Sta: 20 cd: 2

Daisy: remove all negative effects to one ally. applies cooldown protection to one ally. requires cooldown. Sta: 25 cd: 2

Group 3

Calla lily: remove all negative effects to all allies. applies botanophoic shield to all allies. requires cooldown. Sta: 32 cd: 3

Fairy roses: applies poison and stun to all enemies. deals very low nature damage to all enemies. applies cooldowns immunity to all allies. requires cooldown. Sta: 37 cd: 3


Acotanium: remove positive effects to all enemies. applies megapossess to all enemies. disabled traits to all enemies.