A story was become dark and become a biggest nightmare in the universe. Indeed, the monster who hold the demonite then he summon a new monster was created. The soul become hollowed and sorrow, also that one thing the monster who stop spreading nightmares, even though, the world was closely until the destination is final reprised. The new Rarity has become fated and suffered, Death.

Death is the new Rarity that you can get Death Demonite Cells and Darkskull Fragments, but you can obtain the new monster during you have Darkskull Fragments. The new relic tier: Ruby. Then also, the new relics like Diamond but it still better than diamond relics.

Eventually, the skills only the same with Mythics. But they also this rarity is the endless because there so many seasons like 100 or 200.

Meet new monsters in Season 1:

Vanoss.exe, the Metal Attacker (Free Legend Pass)
Lila, the Nature Supporter (Golden Legend Pass)
Garhort, the Water Tank (Exclusive Paid Legend Pass)
Chunky, the Dark Controller (Raiders of the Glitches Marathon)
Balloun, the Fire Attacker (Multiplayer Chest Reward)
Negatron, the Metal Supporter (Metal Labyrinth Maze)
Osola, the Light Attacker (Osola Quest)
Illor, the Thunder Controller (Illor Tales)
Cornch, the Nature Supporter (Fraternity Event)
Mechedgehog, the Metal Attacker (The Intruder Maze)
Axel, the Light Supporter (Progressive Event)

Season 2-100 released soon.