Can you believe it’s already December? Where has the year gone?

While all of us wait for the most magical time of the year and the long-awaited festivities, let’s spend this time together exploring new ice-cold and snowy islands emerging into your City! ☃

Curious to know the upcoming events for the last month of the year?
Let’s have a look at the full line-up! ❄

30 Nov - 4 Dec: Jörmungandr Grid Island (Norse Gods)
New Dragon: Jörmungandr Dragon

2 Dec - 7 Dec: Allfather Puzzle Island (Norse Gods)
New Dragon: Allfather Dragon

4 Dec - 7 Dec: Freyja Tower (Norse Gods)
New Dragon: Freyja Dragon

7 Dec - 10 Dec: Vanargand Maze Island (Norse Gods)
New Dragon: Vanargand Dragon

10 Dec - 21 Dec: White Queen Heroic Race
New Dragon: High White Queen Dragon

12 Dec - 15 Dec: Eternal Winter Fog Island
New Dragon: Queen’s Champion Dragon

16 Dec 20 Dec: Island of Seasons Maze Island
New Dragon: White Princess Dragon

21 Dec - 24 Dec: Festive Food Tower
New Dragon: Christmas Dinner Dragon

24 Dec - 4 Jan: Holiday Maze Island
New Dragons: Sleigh Dragon, Festive Lights Dragon, Caroling Dragon

25 Dec - 30 Dec: Holiday Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Lady of Christmas Dragon

30 Dec - 3 Jan: Krampus Runner Island
New Dragon: Krampus Dragon

We wish you all a Happy December, Dragon Masters! 🧣 🎄