Hello Monster Masters!

We have so many new things for you, we’re bringing you not one update, TWO UPDATES IN THIS POST!

Here are the goodies from 10.5.7:


  • Turn on your notifications for ML because we will be sending you one whenever one of your chests in the Multiplayer Mode is ready to open. Never miss the opportunity again!


  • Removal of Legends Pass purchase duplications.
  • We fixed the issue with the "Equip" button on Relic Forge building.

An this is version 10.5.8:


  • Live duels issue: Android players with version 10.5.7 were experiencing performance issues when fighting in Live Duels. It’s all good for this version!
  • We fixed the notifications for Multiplayer chests since some players were having problems with them.

And new and wintery icon!

And this is all for now! Make sure you’re up to speed with our latest version and restart your game to enjoy all these marvels!