Dear Dragon Masters,

2020 is about to come to an end, but not our Dragon City adventures! 🎆
Ready to slide into the New Year with us? We already have a full set of events to get us off to a good, energized start! 🐲

Here is the list of events that will mark the first month of 2021!

24 Dec - 4 Jan: Holiday Maze Island
New Dragons: Sleigh Dragon, Festive Lights Dragon, Caroling Dragon

30 Dec - 3 Jan: Krampus Runner Island
New Dragon: Krampus Dragon

4 Jan - 9 Jan: 1001 Nights Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Scheherazade Dragon

4 Jan - 11 Jan: 1001 Nights Grid Island
New Dragons: Ali Baba Dragon, Lamp Genie Dragon, Thief Chief Dragon

9 Jan 13 Jan: 1001 Nights Runner Island
New Dragon: Sinbad Dragon

11 Jan - 14 Jan: 1001 Nights Maze Island
New Dragon: Aladdin Dragon

14 Jan - 25 Jan: Heroic Race: Hero Quest
New Dragon: High Druid Dragon

15 Jan - 18 Jan: Hero Quest: Part 1 - Fog Island
New Dragon: Monk Dragon

19 Jan - 23 Jan: Hero Quest: Part 2 - Maze Island
New Dragon: Bard Dragon

25 Jan - 28 Jan: Energy Sources Tower Island
New Dragon: Hydroelectric Dragon

28 Jan - 8 Feb: Energy Sources Maze Island
New Dragon: Solar Dragon, Nuclear Dragon, Biomass Dragon

29 Jan - 3 Feb: Energy Sources Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Crude Oil Dragon

Best wishes for this brand New Year! ☘

Your Dragon City Team