Our Dragons’ Carol Chorus is at stake! 😱

Some Sheets of our festive Carol Songbook are missing. We could really do with the help of all our Dragon Masters to find these missing pages and put our Songbook back together! 🎼 🎶

Without it, our dragons won’t be able to perform in their annual Carol Chorus! 🎄

But, we trust in the spirit of the holidays, and are confident that our Dragon Masters will come to the rescue and help us out in this last mission of the year! 🎅

So if you’re ready for this festive mission, join us for the following events:

21 Dec - 24 Dec: Festive Food Tower
New Dragon: Christmas Dinner Dragon

24 Dec - 4 Jan: Holiday Maze Island
New Dragons: Sleigh Dragon, Festive Lights Dragon, Caroling Dragon

25 Dec - 30 Dec: Holiday Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Lady of Christmas Dragon

30 Dec - 3 Jan: Krampus Runner Island
New Dragon: Krampus Dragon

The Song Sheets of our festive Carol Songbook can be found in all 4 Holiday events!

For every 5 Song Sheets collected, you will receive a small, but worthwhile reward!

While collecting 40 Song pages + the Caroling Dragon will get you the Deck the Halls Chest, which contains amazing rewards, such as tons of Gems, Food, Titan Orbs, or Lady of Christmas Dragon Orbs!

Now, let’s get to work and save our beloved Dragons’ Carol Chorus in time! 🎵