Hello, Monster Masters! 👋

The year’s almost over, but as you know, we never stop! We will be introducing some changes to the Infinite Gauntlet to keep it updated because, since we launched this new feature, a lot of monsters have been joining our ranks and they want to be part of the fun. Cosmic monsters will be added to the second half of the Gauntlet, so make sure your team is ready!

Here are the steps we will follow to implement this change:

Step 1
Tonight at 01.00 AM CET the Infinite Gauntlet will be deactivated FOR ALL PLAYERS DURING 1 DAY.

Step 2
At 01.00 AM CET on Wednesday (23rd of December), the Infinite Gauntlet will be back with the changes available to all.

The cost of keeping the progress will be reduced to 1 gem (only for THAT day).

As always, never a dull moment here in Monster Legends!