I prefer that I put the top 10 best nature elements but legendaries not mythic/cosmic.

  1. Grakon: Grakon is one of the best deniers of all legendary monsters, that he has dodge area trait, he has positive effects removal to counter megataunt or using "No Rest for the Wicked" skill to counter Santerion.

  2. Urtikus: He's the best nature attacker, but he has anticipation and immune to control, also he has per with cooldowns, 0 cd 0 sta, multiple tortures, and good for breedable.

  3. Wickah: She's the best support, she gives double damage and true vision but she has a self extra turn, also he has counter extra turn by Hornet and Urtikus to giving double damage and true vision, but they easily to per taking down attackers. But she has per, disabled traits, and blinds for opponents.

  4. O'Reilly: He has a dodge area, per, stunning enemies, and giving a random positive effect for an ally. He's the best at grand duels, but he has a counter mega taunt and any positive effects. He has a net and giving a positive effect on an ally.

  5. Rubellus: This monster is the best tank, he has a statue caster megataunt. He has self ner control, shields for allies, multiple tortures, and mega stun to his opponents.

  6. Nadiel the Pyromancer: He has reducing damage to his opponents, nature curse,

  7. Silverleaf

  8. Prince Charmless

  9. Warmaster Zahra

  10. Talika