Listen, I love copycat because he has overall great moves and good utility, however, I feel like the move copy implosion (applies 2 random control effects to all enemies)
Should be a 3 turn cooldown instead of a 2 turn cooldown for this reason. If your in a battle (in this case I‘ll say a friendly battle that has no warm ups) and the opponent has copycat and it out speeds your team then it’s basically game over unless you have a control immunity monster. The opponent can use copy implosion to control all your monsters, wait a turn, and then use 15,000 volts and use it again. I’m not saying copycat is overpowered I’m just saying that this move can be unfair and annoying at times if the opponent has 15,000 volts on their copycat. If this doesn’t convince you then think about it in the classic live duels case. If the enemy has a copycat that out speeds yours team then the copycat has the advantage. This is something that happened to me while I played. I had a team that consisted of lumoona, Krampus, and count flawless. The enemy had a copycat, balor, and (the last one I forgot but the first 2 were the most annoying ones) since the balor and the other monster had team speed runes, the copycat outsped my team. First they used elders and dragons on my Krampus since copycat is immune to possession my lumoona and count flawless wouldn’t be a problem. Then after I possessed the other monster with count flawless, the enemy balor landed a total blind on lumoona. This meant that I couldn’t cda the copycat. Then the other monster went and they just recharged. After the other monster recharged copycat used copy implosion on my team and it megastunned my Krampus, megafroze my lumoona, and it froze my count flawless. At this point you can already tell the pattern that’s gonna continue. And that’s my reason on why copy implosion should be a 3 turn cooldown skill instead of a 2 turn cooldown skill.