It’s time to pick sides. Make the right decision, and you’ll be rewarded.

Will you pick THUNDER⚡️ or METAL 🔩?

Remember that in El Colosal: Element Wars you can breed ANY Legendary monster (except for Warmasters) of two different elements! Mix any two Thunder monsters or any two Metal monsters and see what you get! For every Legendary monster you obtain, you'll get a Token of their element... and here's where the war starts!

  • Collect Thunder Tokens to progress through the Thunder Timed Challenge, where you'll be able to get Siamiss Cells and Mythic Amber.
  • If you're on the Metal side, your Metal Tokens will help you progress through the Metal Timed Challenge, where you can get Blaz Cells and Mythic Amber!

If you reach the finish line of any of the challenges (or both!), you'll receive 1200 extra Cells and an Avatar.

The element with the most tokens collected by all Monster Masters wins the war. If you have 20 or more tokens of that element, you'll receive 200 Mythic Amber.

Before you start breeding, remember:

  • Hint #1: If you obtain Sparkwedge or Metaselach, try the same combination again, you're very close to getting a Legendary monster!
  • Hint #2: Uncommon, Rare, and Epic monsters that are both Metal and Thunder won't be part of any of the breeding combinations.
  • Hint #3: All the monsters you need to combine will be available in the Shop at one point or another during the event.

Like in past editions, El Colosal: Elemental Wars will only last for 24 hours starting on Thursday 7-January at 12:00 PM CET until 8-January 11:59 AM, so make sure you check our official community channels (Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Instagram) to share your combos and benefit from everyone else’s discoveries. And you know we love giving clues as well, so follow us for the whole shebang.

Will you side with the powerful Thunder or the cold Metal?