Season 1's theme is called: Dark Forces, this does not mean only Dark element monsters will be made, it's just an idea.

  1. Lindworm2099 (Race) - Dark Control with Baby Transformations.
  2. Cryotin (Free Legends Pass) - Metal Tank with MegaTaunt.
  3. Firesaur2099 (Golden Legends Pass) - Fire Attacker with Tortures.
  4. Maniby (Exclusive Legends Pass) - Dark Support with Shield Removal and Shield Block.
  5. Chi4ken (Maze) - Nature Attacker with Tortures.
  6. VoltaiK2099 (Quest) - Thunder Extra Turner with Shock Immunity.
  7. Megapond (Breeding Event) - Water Stamina Drainer with Stamina Leak and Stamina Regeneration.
  8. Ping (Tales) - Earth Support with Dodge Area.
  9. Conned (PvP) - Thunder Support with Total Blind and MegaStun.
  10. Soilman (Maze) - Metal Attacker with Anticipation.

This season is going to be awesome!