When the Cosmic Portal opened, the whole Monster Legends Universe was shaken to its core. Every monster that could get hold of some Stardust could build a future for themselves and become stronger. However, ambition often comes at a price.

One of these monsters, only known as ‘The Lord’, wanted to defeat his rivals at all costs. One ill-fated day, he was looking for Stardust so that he could become Cosmic, but the Stardust he found had been under the roots of the Cardinal Forest for too long and it had gone through a transformation, a sort of putrefaction. It had become Lutum.

When 'The Lord' unearthed it, this decay spread like wildfire through all the crystals of Stardust that remained in the Universe of Monster Legends, and a new generation of monsters was born: The Corrupted.


The Corrupted Mythics are the most powerful monsters in the whole known Universe. Corruption can work two ways on a monster: If the evil inside them is stronger than the kindness, they lose that kindness completely. But the Universe always finds a way to create a balance: Monsters that are good at their core will be stripped of their evil when Corrupted! They like to call themselves The Pure, but they still belong to the Corrupted generation!

How do we get these Corrupted Mythics? The mechanics are similar to the ones we already know, but there’s a new rank up resource to make them invincible: Lutum. Corrupted monsters use it to become more dangerous, and only the righteous can purify it to extract its power as well.

Just one piece of advice: don’t trust this matter, it’s so volatile you never know what’s gonna happen! It may even work if you try to rank up other Mythics with it, who knows?


There’s a whole new type of dungeon you can visit to get your supply of Lutum: The Titan Dungeon! Defeat the Titan and live to see another day with your pockets full of Lutum! You can also get this resource in the Lutum Dungeons, but the rewards for the Titan Dungeon will be way better!

Also, we will be saying goodbye to the Infinite Gauntlet, but you can fight in the Stardust Dungeons to collect this wonderful substance.

You can participate in the:

  • Lutum Dungeons: Every day.
  • Titan Dungeon: on Weekends.

You’ll have to show us what you’re made of to get these substances, Monster Masters, it won’t be that easy! But if anyone can do it, it’s you, for sure.


We’ve been listening to your feedback very carefully and we know how much you love the Monster Legends lore. For those of you who are eager to know more about our monsters’ backstories and want to be part of their journey, we have good news.

The Era Saga is a new type of dungeon where you’ll be able to discover the story of the Corrupted Era. Each Saga is led by a Corrupted monster and, to participate, you’ll need to own this lead monster. Consider this feature a deep dive into the Universe of Monster Legends. And, of course, there will be rewards galore, including the most powerful Obscure Talents for those who complete them.


You must be wondering what those are. The Obscure Talents are a new type of item which can be only equipped by Corrupted Mythics that have been ranked up, starting from Rank 1. These elusive objects improve your monsters' abilities in unexpected ways that can really help their strategy when combined with their skills.

Every time a monster goes from rank 0 to rank 1, they’ll automatically earn an entry-level Obscure Talent. If you want to get the highest-level Obscure Talents, you’ll need to complete the Era Saga dungeons. Obscure Talents level up automatically depending on the rank of the monster who carries them.


Super powerful monsters need matching super powerful relics. We’re introducing the new Obsidian Relics, the highest tier to date and the perfect complement for your Corrupted Mythics.

They can only be equipped by Mythic monsters (of any generation). And combined with the Obscure Talents… Oh, boy.


For a while now you’ve seen an icon saying ‘Coming Soon’, but without any more clues. It’s time for the big reveal: the New Era Shop is here!

As you will see it’s a total step-up from the previous shop. It will make things easier for you: you can buy items, exchange resources… You’ve been asking for it for a long time, but we couldn't tell you what we were preparing! Enjoy it!


We’re moving the conversation from the in-game Global Chat to our official channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, of course, Discord ). Join us there, find teams, make friends, and be the first one to get all the fresh information directly from us!

The Team Chat will stay exactly as it is, we’re not touching that!


‘Go big or go home’, that’s our motto. We still have some aces up our sleeves, but we will reveal them when the right time comes.

Don’t let the Corruption get you! Or do, that’s up to you! 😏

Release date: 5-February-2021