Hello everyone and welcome to my 84th analysis, this time featuring Gangsterosaurus.
Gang has one of the highest amount of AOE damage of all monsters, featuring a Metal AOE with 50 Base Power and another with 40(both have Life Steal), in addition to AOE Magnetize. Being immune to Possession also puts him at an advantage vs. Mechamancer. However, aside from his Base Life, Gang's stats are outright bad and he should rank up if he were to be anything other than a tank-which he's good at. Also, Gang faces some competition from Uther the Valiant who can also become a tank and arguably has more damage.

-Huge Mobster Heal
-Big Mobster Heal
-Godfather Assault
-Consigliere Hit
Runes: 1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Life/2 Strength 1 Life

Huge and Big Mobster heal both do heavy AOE damage and restore Gang's life. Godfather Assault ensures that these two attacks deal high damage while dealing some damage on its own. Lastly, Consigliere Hit is his weapon vs. Timerion. 1 Speed, Strength and Life makes him a tank(I recommend a high level Life and Strength rune to be a good tank) whereas 2 Strength 1 Speed makes him an attacker.

Teammates: Demise can be a good partner to use Strength From Beyond after Gang uses Godfather Assault since this will usually kill if he has 2 Strength. You can use Timerion's Space-Time to allow Gang a turn to heal himself.

Countering Gangsterosaurus: Alces' Pet can turn his AOE Heals into damage which will devastate Gang. Because he's slow, denying Gang is very easy to manage. Also, Gang doesn't do much damage until he uses Godfater Assault followed by one of his AOEs, so watch out for that.