The One Who Would Be Lord had tried to remain the most feared creature, but for a long time, no one had paid attention to him. He was searching for Stardust everywhere to become Cosmic, but he couldn't find it. He asked some Dark spirits of the forest if they had a spare bunch of the resource, but they told him “actually, no Cosmic creatures have been born in the forest. We had a Cosmic inhabitant who’d come through the portal but Wickah banished her because she was selling her secrets. We haven’t really seen any Stardust floating around the forest”.

The fact that no Cosmic life had appeared in the most fertile corner of the Monster Legends’ universe, the Cardinal Forest, struck him as suspicious. He wanted to see if that was true with his own eyes. He entered the forest in the middle of the night under the watchful eye of the Elder Spirits, including Warmaster Zahra, who didn’t trust him one bit.

“To what do we owe this dubious honor?”, she asked.

“I’m only here for a walk, Warmaster, no need to be harsh.”, he answered. “By the way, I’ve been told that your forest isn’t as fertile as it used to be. Have you lost your magic?”

Zahra felt insulted, but she had no idea where that was coming from. “Care to elaborate on that?”, she asked, trying to stay calm, but visibly outraged.

“How is it possible that you, a Warmaster, the Queen of the Cardinal Forest, don’t have an explanation for the fact that no Cosmic creatures have been born here? I heard that you had a Comic monster from the other side of the portal staying at the swamp and she got kicked out by Wickah! Is your army of spirits and fairies that strong? You could spare your only Cosmic ally? Hahaha! Oh Zahra, what are you going to do when Count Vlad gathers his Cosmic contacts and asks them to help him claim the Cardinal Forest as Monstelvania territory? You do know he’s been wanting to get his hands on this land for years, he’s just waiting for the ri-”

“STOP.”, she interrupted him. “I will not listen to all these theories of yours. You’re no one these days. Now tell me what you’re really doing in my forest”.

“Hmm, well okay, I’ll tell you since you clearly don’t know anything yourself. I was looking for a little batch of Stardust, for me and a friend of mine, so I asked around, thinking you’d have dust to spare. Imagine my surprise when I heard you didn’t have any at all! I thought I had to see that with my own eyes.”, he said.

“And what do you want Stardust for?”

“I have plans of my own. I don’t need to reveal anything to you.”, he said.

“You sad evil creature. You don’t know how to accept you’ve been outpowered.”, said Zahra, trying to get back at him for his mockery, but still clearly hurt by his words. “Have a look, but I’ll watch your every step”.

So he started his little excursion around the forest. He looked on the ground, the leaves, the branches,... but there was nothing. He climbed up the treetops, wondering if the Stardust had stayed up there when it rained, but there was no sign of it. However, when he was up there, looking down on the treetops from above, he understood.

Of course the rain of Stardust had fallen on the Forest, but it wasn’t floating around, it had been absorbed by the trees. It was the roots he needed to look at, but not any roots: the mine of Stardust he was looking for was right in the heart of the Forest, where all the sap from the trees goes and becomes magical: he needed to find Hyperia!

He tried to stay calm so that he wouldn’t draw Zahra’s attention, but he was shaking with nerves as he walked to the center of the Forest. When he got there, he cleared the leaves off the ground and there it was: Hyperia. He was sure that, underneath it, there had to be the biggest Stardust reserve in the entire Monster Legends universe. Enough for him and an entire army of his own if he wanted. He lifted his sword and stuck it into the ground! Zahra, who had been following him around, understood what he’d found and tried to stop him, but she wasn’t fast enough.

The ground started shaking. He threw himself on top of the hole he had opened and Zahra on top of him, but there was an explosion underneath and a dense black sort of mucus blasted out of the ground. It shot him and Zahra up so high that they reached the entrance of the Cosmic portal. He tried to enter it and finally become Cosmic but Zahra pulled his arm back. The Warmaster fell from the sky back into the forest and he was swallowed by the river of black mucus, which flooded into the portal and blocked its entrance. It was the end of the Cosmic Era. The entrance to other dimensions was gone. The source of Stardust, closed forever. And the monster who had unleashed the chaos disappeared in the black flood.