Hello everyone and welcome to my 87th analysis, this time featuring Jakugan.
Jakugan is a competitor for being the best Metal attacker, and is one of the best Metal monsters out there. Even though her trait is almost useless, each of her moves is very good and she has amazing Speed. She has a tool vs. Timerion that is her main attack move, a 45 Base Power unresisted AOE, and even one of the best forms of deny on a single target, not to mention a Life Steal to keep her healthy!

-Head Crop
-Grace of Jabaline
-Haku Energy Slash
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength/2 Strength 1 Speed

Head Crop is a Dark move with 70 Base Power and 0 CD-the perfect weapon vs. Timerion and Earth monsters. Jakuphobia not only has the golden 45 Base Power, but it's also unresisted and it applies Bleed to all enemies. Grace of Jabaline serves to keep her healthy and deal nice damage. Lastly, Haku Energy Slash drains all the Stamina the target has, which is an exceptionally effective form of denying. 2 Speed 1 Strength is used since Head Crop can be used to snipe attackers and to take better advantage of Haku Energy Slash, although 2 Strength 1 Speed is still a very solid alternative since she'll outspeed most attackers anyway.

Teammates: Demise is the best teammate here since she can allow Jakuphobia to kill all enemies in a single hit. Other than Demise, Jakugan is so good she doesn't need any specific teammates to operate.

Countering Jakugan: If you wish to counter with an attacker, either use ones with higher Base Speed than hers-like Mercurius or Zyla the Faithful- or ones with 2 Speed 1 Strength if Jakugan is running 2 Strength 1 Speed. Other than that, Jakugan's greatest weakness is her almost useless trait, which leaves her vulnerable against deny moves.