Hello everyone and welcome to my 88th analysis, this time featuring Harusami.
Harusami is a nigh-flawless monster: he has 3465 Base Speed, an AOE Stun move, immunity to Stun, great Base Strength, a 45 Base Power unresisted AOE and access to Life Steal. In addition to being an awesome denier, Harusami can also be a frightening attacker, which is what makes him so good. The only flaw I'd be able to list is him not being immune to other deny methods which would have been too powerful if that were the case.

-Majutsu Slices
-Majutsu Slashes
-Daku Spirit
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed//2 Strength 1 Speed

Majutsu Slices is an AOE Stun with an average 30 Base Power. Majutsu Slashes has the golden 45 Base Power and is unresisted. Daku Spirit is a 0 CD 60 Base Power move with Life Steal, and Shou-Sen-Giri is his most powerful attack and is unresisted. 3 Speed makes him a denier, and 3 Team Speed supports his other monsters by giving them additional Speed by sacrificing his own, although running 2 Strength 1 Speed and making him an attacker is still a very much valid option.

Teammates: As a denier, he can be used on any team. If he has 3 Team Speed, use other monsters who need that speed such as another denier or VoltaiK. If he has 2 Strength 1 Speed, Demise can allow him to one-shot the enemy team.

Countering Harusami: Possessing Harusami will have great consequences for you if he's in AI mode since all of his moves will do great harm to his teammates. Even if he's a denier, Krampus is still faster than him and can Freeze him.