Hello everyone and welcome to my 89th analysis, this time featuring Ra'Zhul.
Ra'Zhul introduced the concept of injuring your teammates to gain power. He's very risky to use-especially in Team Wars- if you're the attacking part and requires careful usage. However, in defense mode, this is not too big of an issue as his allies' death will mean less there. In addition to being an effective attacker, this monster can assume the role of a denier, although he arguably doesn't have enough Speed to do this as effectively as he wants to. All in all, Ra'Zhul is a good monster, but he requires careful usage and some teammates to back him up.

-Soul Offering
-Souls Arise
-Ethereal Gash
-Strength from the Weak
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Soul Offering removes 50% of all allies' Life, but gives him Triple Damage and an extra turn, during which he can use Souls Arise to kill all enemies(with appropriate runes). Ethereal Gash deals good unresisted damage but more importantly it Possesses the target. Lastly, SFW makes an opponent's monster devastating to their own team for 1 turn. 2 Strength 1 Speed must be used to be able to kill with the combo of the first 2 moves.

Teammates: Double Damage stacks with Triple Damage if you use TD after DD, so using DD before Soul Offering will guarantee that you kill all enemies with Souls Arise. Nishant's Pet greatly increases the damage of Souls Arise and makes it unresisted, which is greatly appreciated. Try to have at least one denier whenever or wherever you try to use Ra'Zhul since his low Speed needs to be patched up by someone. Know when to use your "friendly fire" moves since incorrect timing will result in losses.

Countering Ra'Zhul: Never try to use weird Possession effects like Hacked or Glitched to go through his Possession immunity, as that'll only serve to deal damage to your team with his "friendly fire" moves-especially Soul Offering will be deadly. Since he's slow, using other forms of deny or just one-shotting him with powerful attacks is the best approach.