There are lots of exciting changes in the Maze Island! Let us give you a walkthrough around the new map:

  • Path 1: No need to wait! Get your brand new Corrupted monster through this first path, every node counts! You'll find the keys you need to unlock all of the other paths right on this one.
  • Paths 2 & 3: These are the roads you want to take if you want powerful equipment.
  • Path 4: You'll have to see for yourself what's hiding at the end of this one!
  • Path 5: Want to take the star of this event to rank 5? Then you have no time to lose! The sooner you unlock this path, the more Cells you'll be able to collect.

Is that all? Absolutely not: If you reach the end of all of these paths, you'll have enough Cells to get another top monster you've already met before!

Decide on your strategy and let the exploration start! 🎈