High Savior Dragon
Elements: Light, Pure, Electric, Nature
A mythical figure descending from the skies of heaven to protect all dragons in times of good, and in times of bad. Through all dragons, she can see a heart and will save every dragon in trouble, whether it is a hero or evil. Even the High Stealer Dragon.
Looks like Savior Dragon.
Light Star (1500) Pure Light (2100) Electric Shock (1200) and Poison Ivy (1400)
Trained Moves:
Savior Sacrifice (2500, removes 5000 HP and gives it to teammates, even dead ones) Pure Energy (2300) Lightning Strike (1600) and Beehive (1900)
Savior Sacrifice: Special move. Applies to all battles except one-dragon battles. Light attack.

High Stealer Dragon
Elements: Dark, Primal, Terra, Flame
An evil, dark creature coming from the pits of the underworld. He used to like pranking and scaring dragons, until it got out of hand. Now all he wants is revenge, especially on the High Savior Dragon, who banished him to the bottom of the earth.
Looks like a mix of Vulcan, Zombie Flame, and High Occult dragons.
Black Hole (1350) Primitive Ram (1500) Sand Storm (1200) and Ignition (1000)
Trained Moves:
Soul Stealer (2500, steals 5,000 HP from each teammate and opponent and takes it) Slash Of Ages (2100) Meteor Throw (1900) and Magma Storm+ (1600)
Soul Stealer: Special move. Applies to all battles except one-dragon battles. Dark Attack.

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