Hello Monster Masters!
We have so many new things for you, we’re bringing you not one update, TWO UPDATES IN THIS POST!

Here are the goodies from 11.0.2:


  • Event islands don’t stay selected permanently anymore.
  • Improvements in readability for Time Limited Books.
  • Monstagram: Cosmic Era background format after unlocking a monster wasn’t being shown properly. Now it is.
  • The app crashed when entering through a QR, now it works smoothly.
  • Multiplayer notification was missing, but it’s back!
  • Titan Dungeon: Info button crashed when there was no reward + issues with texts.
  • Habitat monster buttons were not being updated after a level up.
  • Survival Dungeons: Team Life rune reduced allies’ Life at the start of the battle.

And here’s 11.0.3. Shorter, but super important:

  • For iOS: Monsterwood was not being shown. Fixed!

Make sure you're up to speed! Have an amazing weekend, Monster Masters!