Hello Monster Masters!

Our latest version 11.0.4 is here and it’s full of amazing stuff. But before we tell you all about it, there’s a piece of crucial information we wanna share with you. Please, read it, we promise it’s short!


Next week we will be releasing our version 11.0.5 and iOS 9 and Android versions below 4.4 will not be supported anymore (4.4 will still be supported). IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOUR PROGRESS AND ACCOUNT you’ll need to log in with Facebook to save your information there.

And now, let’s talk about 11.0.4:

Fixes & Improvements

  • We’ve added visibility while progressing in a Challenge Island to make things clearer
  • Old Time-Limited Books still appeared in the Lab monster filter. Not anymore!
  • We’ve added a relic trigger that gets activated when a monster dies in battle.
  • Amazon purchases are shown correctly with the local currency from wherever you are.
  • When we purchase an offer to craft a monster from the Era Shop, it redirects us to the correct information.
  • When in the Era Shop, it’s clearer than ever if the offer we see will completely rank up your monster or if it’s a cap breakout (intermediate) rank up.