Sup Friends,

Again I want to say This is not the contest, only a teaser of what is to come in 2021 March.

The March Contest will take a different Format, that'll have the same length as the February Contest.

I plan to release Monthly Fan Contests, all optional whether you join or not. I am not fussed at all, this is just for fun. I must say I'm very proud of the stuff I've accomplished by doing these. Now, I must announce that the monsters you produce will NOT be released in the game in anyway.

The post for the March Fan Contest will be up on March 10th, 2021. That post will tell you everything you'll ever need on the details you need. February had a new and harder format to follow. This one won't follow the same format as it'd be difficult to continue doing that.

Instead, I am doing a new monster (Details will be out March 10). The format will take the January Format, easy and simple.

If you made it this far it probably means your a legend!

Thanks and hope you are excited as I am!

Max Brow.