Hey all,
It is that time next week for the new contest!
Please remember the rules change every month. They are this time:
• Legendary Monster (stats around any Legendary monster)
o They must be in-line of any Legendary monster.
• In the Magic Element (please use Special Element too!)
• Any Generation! (VIP, Nemesis, Warmaster, Elite, Forsaken, or a completely new one?)
o If its new: Even if it is a new Generation, it must have stats based off other Legendary monsters.
The March Fan Contest will start on March 11th, 2021 (1 week from now), and ends on March 25th, 2021. Please remember this is the exact same length as the February one. Any monster you will produce will NOT be released in the game in any way.
So let’s get our bags packed, ideas ready, and ready to submit a monster. If you type “I join” in the comments, you MUST submit a monster.