Hello Dragon Masters,

We promise you, March won’t be an uninteresting month! 👏

First, we’ll need your help to solve a real Dragon Mystery and find the culprit of a devious crime. 🕵
Once we’ve solved this Mystery, we’ll all be able to enjoy the incredible tricks of the Dragon Spectacular Gang...it’s not every day a troop of circus Dragons is on tour in your City! 🎪
And last but not least, we’ll then invite you to an exclusive time travel experience! How could you miss it? ⏲

Well, let’s take a look! Be sure to make note of what’s happening and when:

1 Mar - 4 Mar: The Dragon Mysteries Tower Island
New Dragon: Inspector Dragon

4 Mar - 15 Mar: The Dragon Mysteries Maze Island
New Dragon: Gardener Dragon, Scarlett Dragon, Colonel Dragon

5 Mar - 10 Mar: The Dragon Mysteries Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Professor Dragon

10 Mar - 14 Mar: The Dragon Mysteries Runner Island
New Dragon: Peacock Dragon

15 Mar - 22 Mar: Dragon Spectacular! Grid Island
New Dragon: Clown Dragon, Ringmaster Dragon, Projectile Dragon

15 Mar - 20 Mar: Dragon Spectacular! Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Pyromaniac Dragon

16 Mar - 19 Mar: Saint Patrick’s Day mini collection event

20 Mar - 24 Mar: Dragon Spectacular! Runner Island
New Dragon: Magicienne Dragon

22 Mar - 25 Mar: Dragon Spectacular! Maze Island
New Dragon: Ultimate Strength Dragon

25 Mar - 5 Apr: Time Travel Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Chronos Dragon

27 Mar - 30 Mar: Time Travel Fog Island
New Dragon: Yesteryear Dragon

31 Mar - 4 Apr: Time Travel Maze Island
New Dragon: Dystopia Dragon

Have a great March, everyone! ☺