Puzzle events used to be my favorite event. It was one of the few places where random chests did not rule the day in determining your results. I have acquired and spent literally thousands of gems in single puzzles, just to skip the required quest tasks so that I could amass more moves.

However, that is starting to change. Ever since the price for skipping quest tasks went to to 5 gems (and then down to 3, which still represented an increase of 50%), things have steadily gotten worse in every puzzle.

First, the orbs cycle of rewards was adjusted to include two rounds of 40 orbs into the repeating cycle. Then the number of items required to reach various rewards started to go up every puzzle. Then the collection events started to take up larger and larger parts of the rewards, specifically on the bottom tier of rewards. And they removed almost all meaningful food rewards from the top row.

And that's where we are now. Every month, the number of collection chests in the bottom row increases and the number of puzzle items required to get the good rewards also goes up.

This will be the first puzzle event this year in which I am not using thousands of gems. I am not using any gems. And I will continue spending no gems on puzzles until this pattern of ratcheting up the cost every month turns around.

I have also been playing the game for years, and I even got my wife into it. We are both starting to think about leaving the game entirely if this type of thing continues.