Hello everyone and welcome to my 90th analysis, this time featuring Hydratila the Icebringer.
When he's at least at level 115, Hydratila becomes one of the most fearsome monsters in the game. He can give his team immunity to Freeze, has 0 CD and 0 STAMINA(yes, stamina!) moveS(PLURAL!!!!) that also apply Stamina Regen to his team-this guy is definitely meant to counter any form of Stamina Drain. In addition to all this, he himself has deny moves, including an AOE Freeze with 1 CD. He also has a unique trait that gives him both Super Attuned and immunity to Freeze-the first part is most useful on this Hydratila as you recover 50 Stamina when any Water move like Stamina Devourers hits you, and the second part is good for any monster in the Sea or Water book.

-Thetys, Page 24
-Area Unblessed
-Polar Fracture
-Arctic Winds
Runes: 3 Speed/2 Strength 1 Speed

If you don't have access to Group 4, you'll have to resort to this moveset. Thetys, Page 24 deals good damage, has both 0 CD and Stamina cost, and gives the team Stamina Regen and Freeze immunity-needless to say this move is awesome. Area Unblessed is a 0 CD AOE with above average Base Power and it removes all buffs-you know how good this is if you have Valgar the Pure. Polar Fracture is a single target Freeze. Arctic Winds Freezes all enemies, but most importantly it has 1 CD! 3 Speed since he's a denier, though 2 Strength 1 Speed will boost the power of his moves greatly and may be more useful than 3 Speed depending on the War.

-Freeze Manager
-Thetys, Page 32
-Arctic Winds
-Thetys, Page 24/Area Unblessed
Runes: 3 Speed/2 Strength 1 Speed

Once you have access to Group 4 moves, Hydratila becomesridiculously brokeneven more powerful than before! Get the Group 4 move in this order: Freeze Manager, Thetys, Page 32, Frozen Polar Winds. I don't know if Freeze Manager does AOE damage, but it does Freeze the enemy team and give yours Freeze immunity. Thetys, Page 32 deals massive damage for 0 CD and Stamina, and gives your team Stamina Regen while giving the enemy team Stamina Leak. Arctic Winds is used here for the same reason, but you can use this move, then Freeze Manager, then this move again to Freeze the enemy team for 3 whole turns, which is more than enough to take them out. Lastly, Thetys, Page 24 can be useful if you get CDs Activated, but Area Unblessed still has merit. Spreads are the same as before.

Teammates: If you're a denier, you'll fit on any team.

Countering Hydratila the Icebringer: Cavenfish is the best choice since he is also immune to Freeze, but he can Stun Hydratila and also Speed-ties with him. If you run 3 Speed on Anton Acorne, he can outspeed and Stun. Enypiast is faster and can Possess him. In the Sea book, both of his other forms can take him on no problem.