Hello everyone and welcome to my 91st analysis, this time featuring Hydratila the Riftmaker.
This version of Hydratila has incredibly impressive stats with no flaw in their placement: 3575 was once the highest viable Strength stat, 35k Life is extremely good and 3476 Speed is above the usual denier Speed, and this monster is of the Earth element where most members are slow. In addition to this, Riftmaker retains all the Stamina thingys he has to counter all and any forms of Stamina Drain, in addition to being able to Freeze and making his team immune to Freeze. The Super Attuned part of his trait is less useful here but useful nonetheless, and he is still part of the Sea book. Unfortunately, Riftmaker doesn't have Stun immunity in an environment where almost all monsters utilize it, and he isn't resistant to the Water moves he'll be facing.

-Thetys, Page 24
-Kenorland Fracture
-Area Unblessed
-Laurasia Cracker
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

This moveset is what you get without Group 4 moves and is admittedly not too impressive. Thetys, Page 24 is an awesome move in any aspect and is very spammable. Kenorland Fracture is a single target Stun. Area Unblessed is unresisted among Earth monsters, has 0 CD and 35 Base Power, and removes useful buffs like Shields and Double Life and such. Lastly, Laurasia Cracker has a 50% chance to Stun each enemy. Since he can't put Thetys, Page 24 to as much use as Icebringer can, 2 Strength 1 Speed is recommended here since he can be an effective attacker with Area Unblessed and Page 24.

-Freeze Manager
-Pangea Breaker
-Thetys, Page 32
-Area Unblessed
Runes: 3 Speed/ 2 Strength 1 Speed

This moveset at level 115 is infinitely more powerful than the one before. Get the Group 4 moves in the following order: Freeze Manager, Pangea Breaker, Thetys, Page 32. Freeze Manager Freezes the enemy team, which very few Earth monsters are immune to and gives your team Freeze immunity, helping against opposing Riftmakers. Pangea Breaker deals great damage to an enemy and Stuns the enemy's team. Thetys, Page 32 helps greatly in Stamina control and it also deals massive damage. Lastly, Area Unblessed is very useful among the Earth element where defensive buffs are common. With the addition of more surefire deny moves, 3 Speed becomes a very legit option especially with his awesome Speed but an attacker spread is still viable since he does have access to stronger moves.

Teammates: Monsters who can give him immunity to Stun are appreciated as he's vulnerable vs. the likes of Hiroim the Tenacious and General Atum, who can dodge his deny status, the way he is. Otherwise, he can be used in any team if he's a denier.

Countering Hydratila the Riftmaker: Baba Yaga is faster than him and can Possess him, using his powerful moves for herself. Blob is faster in the Sea book and at least can force him to use Page 32, though it'll hurt greatly. Ouros is immune to both Freeze and Stun, though he'll not enjoy Area Unblessed.