There have been an abundance of topics created over the last several months regarding bans to accounts. Sadly these topics are the same reporting the thing over and over requiring the DC team to repeat the same information each time. It has become tedious to continually repeat the same information of what you should do if this occurs to you. Unfortunately this requires us, the DC team taking a more aggressive approach to handling these situations. From now on any topics created regarding accounts being banned will be locked from further discussion. If they are repeated by the same user, this could result in the user being banned from the forums. In the meantime here are some steps you can take if this has happened to you.

  1. Check this statement It explains what is and what is not allowed on the game. Keep in mind excessive use of Airplane Mode has recently been added as a violation of the fair play policy.
  2. Action to question or change this can only be done by the support team so reporting it here will not get you a resolution. Please report it to support via the in game support system, instructions on how to contact support can be read HERE.
  3. If after reporting via in game and you have not received a response in a week or two you can use the Contact Us button at the bottom of any forum page or HERE.
  4. the DC dev team is using extensive filters and software to check and re-check accounts before they are banned. Also bans are given out in several stages, if you have received more than one ban then your account is running something suspicious that is failing their filtering system. If after getting that first ban you do not take action to correct or cease the violation a second ban can and will occur. if you fail to take action again and you reach the permanent ban stage it is very unlikely this will be removed by support.

I apologize for needing to take these steps but it has become necessary.