So I wanted to try out the challenges feature that you can do through linking your facebook account to your game. When I tried to do that it said, "An account on level 1 is already linked" or something along those lines. I thought maybe a long time ago I made an account and then literally forgot about it or whatever. I wanted to see if I could somehow get rid of that account so I could just continue my current one (level 28). I clicked change player and the game started to load, it go to 20-something percent and said "Something went wrong, try again later" and it kept saying that over, and over, and over. I looked some things up to try and fix it: Uninstalled and reinstalled my game, restarted my android device, cleared my data, but nothing worked. After trying to fix it for a good 30 mins I get a message saying I'm "temporarily banned due to a violation of the Fair Play policy". I am so confused and it would really hate to loose all my progress I've been working hard to achieve. I don't use cheats or third party what-nots, so I am super frustrated at this point.

If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciated hearing them.
Thanks, Rachel.