Dear Dragon Masters,

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, cute baby dragons are opening their eyes for the first time, all as nature reawakens for the spring. πŸŒ·πŸ¦‹

But this year, April comes with a unique Tournament that only takes place every 100 cosmic years. It’s the Tribal Tournament and your dragons better be prepared for it! πŸ”₯

Once the winner of the Tournament is crowned, another adventure is sure to keep your dragons busy... Ye Olde tales speak of ancient Spirit Elders living peacefully among the blooming nature, that was until one of them went rogue...🐲

More details will be revealed as the events approach, in the meantime, take a look at the full lineup of events!

25 Mar - 5 Apr: Time Travel Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Chronos Dragon

31 Mar - 4 Apr: Dystopia Maze Island
New Dragon: Dystopia Dragon

5 Apr - 8 Apr: Tower Trial Island (Tribal Tournament)
New Dragon: Abominable Dragon

8 Apr - 19 Apr: Tribal Tournament Maze Island
New Dragons: Sand Vixen Dragon, Underground Dragon, Molten Dragon

9 Apr - 14 Apr: Power Puzzle Island (Tribal Tournament)
New Dragon: Crevasse Dragon

14 Apr - 18 Apr: Endurance Runner Island (Tribal Tournament)
New Dragon: Terrorbird Dragon

19 Apr - 24 Apr: Core Chaos Puzzle Island (Spirits of Nature)
New Dragon: Elder Core Dragon

19 Apr - 26 Apr: Spirits of Nature Grid Island
New Dragons: Elder Storm Dragon, Elder Glacier Dragon, Elder Mountain Dragon

24 Apr - 28 Apr: Seaquake Runner Island (Spirits of Nature)
New Dragon: Elder Seaquake Dragon

26 Apr - 29 Apr: Elder Blaze Maze Island (Spirits of Nature)
New Dragon: Elder Blaze Dragon