The Bounty Hunt is a Monster Legends event in which random groups of participants play together to find and defeat a Fugitive monster.
In order to find the Fugitive, players will need to flip tiles to reveal what they contain.

Every action in the Bounty Hunt will use Stamina. Stamina regenerates periodically until a cap is reached, but don’t worry, if you run out of Stamina you can simply wait or purchase new Stamina through a refill or at the Bounty Shop.

Stamina refills to its cap whenever a new map starts, but if your Stamina is above the cap, it will maintain its value upon starting a new map.

Flipping a tile will use Stamina and this action will reveal the content of the tile (reward chests or the Fugitive). If it’s empty, it will reveal a Clue Tile pointing you towards the position of a tile hiding a reward or the Fugitive.

Clue Tiles & main rewards
If a tile contains a clue, it will display an arrow pointing you in the direction of the next tile hiding something. Arrows must point towards the next one, but they do not necessarily show the optimal direction to look for, here is an example of how arrows provide information to uncover a reward.

In the example, green tiles are tiles that could contain the main reward, red tiles are tiles that won't contain the main reward, grey tiles have been flipped and the star is the main reward, revealed from the start for this explanation.

Step 1: No tile flipped, all tiles could contain the main reward.
0_1616680128152_Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 14.30.15.png

Step 2: 1 Tile flipped, the arrow only tells us the reward is found leftward from the current tile. It provides information on where the main reward is not, but does not point strictly towards the shortest path to find it.
0_1616680154003_Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 14.30.48.png

Step 3: More tiles uncovered, notice again how arrows always provide information on the direction of the reward but do not necessarily showcase the shortest path to the reward.
0_1616680175278_Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 14.31.27.png

Step 4: Reward found, flipped tiles remain uncovered, and a new main reward needs to be found. When the main reward is found, all indications will disappear and a new main reward will be assigned, flipping new indication tiles will point towards the next main reward.
0_1616680220973_Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 14.31.59.png

Lucky Shot Tiles
Flipping tiles can uncover Lucky Shots. A Lucky Shot will contain a reward granted to the player who flipped the tile but will not erase or generate new indications. Any tile can contain a Lucky Shot and indications do not point towards them.

Fugitive & Reward Tiles
After the Fugitive enters the map, he could hide under any tile! Once a player finds the Fugitive, all players can attack to earn rewards.

The Fugitive will stay only for a limited period. It must be found and defeated within this time period. If the fugitive is defeated, players will be granted completion rewards according to their participation in the current Map. Otherwise, there won’t be completion rewards. Each action will also grant Bounty Hunt Points, which serve to value each player’s participation. Players appear in the leaderboard in order of Bounty Hunt Points achieved. The higher a player appears, the more rewards they will get if the Fugitive is defeated. Points are reset after each hunt.

Fugitive battles will be automatic and last 3 rounds (displayed below the turns indicator). The Fugitive will attack at the end of each round and the battle will finish either if the Fugitive is defeated, your team is defeated or the rounds are all completed.

You will receive a popup with your battle results after the battle. If you manage to be the player defeating the Fugitive you will get a bonus reward.

Rewards can be Gold, Food, Runes, Relics, Monster Cells, or a special reward known as Bounty Coins. These can be used in the Bounty Shop to acquire many offers and rewards. The Bounty Shop will be open for a while after the event is over, but make sure to spend all your Bounty Coins because they will disappear when the event ends.

Progression and Leagues
Throughout the duration of a Bounty Hunt event, a player will participate in different Leagues.

Players will start at League 1 and, in order to advance to the next League, they must be ranked amongst the top players in a Hunt, but only if the Fugitive has been found and defeated.

There are 7 Leagues, each one with better rewards but stronger Fugitives. If the player manages to reach the 7th and last one, they’ll stay in that one and repeat there until the event ends.