Hello everyone!

I felt that finding an open active alliance is hard, especially for new / low level players. and most of them turned dead after several rotation of Alliance Chest. So I am planning to open a space for people who want to find an active alliance.

Lucid Salvation is recruiting for players that wanted to be active but didn't found an active alliance yet.

We accept everyone, including new players!

Here is several rules that you must follow :

  1. You must do Alliance Chest (any point is fine, but you should try hard to increase it), not doing so 2 times in a row will get you kicked!

  2. With exception of League Battle Chest, you can neglect it (but you should try to refresh, and spam battles, you might find someone of your caliber)

  3. Please be respectful towards each other, Any rude behavior, pornographic content, or hate/racist speech could get you kicked from the alliance. I will give you a warning for that.

  4. If you are planning to quit Dragon City, please be self conscious and leave the Alliance by your own, so other people can join.

  5. Please note that the rules will be changed once the alliance grow big enough, there will might be an Master Point Requirement, minimal Alliance Chest Point, etc. But I promise the Alliance will be always open for everyone who is eligible.

Hope you all the best! I will be looking forward to growing together with you!

-Sincerely, Nekosaber