Hello everyone and welcome to my 93rd analysis, this time featuring Vanitus.
Vanitus has an extremely powerful Self attack that gives him Mirror Mirror for 3 whole turns! This not only deters AOE deniers, but also isn't ruined by Possession since he's immune to it. He can combine this with another Self move he has and it'll restore great amounts of Stamina and Life, and also give him a damage boost. Moves aside, Vanitus' Speed is not bad and his Strength isn't also. However, Vanitus doesn't have a deny move and choosing a proper moveset is very difficult.

-Best View In The World
-Ego Boost/All Is Vanity
-Arrogant Punches
-Everybody Look At Me/All Is Vanity
Runes: 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life/2 Strength 1 Speed
Before I start, I recommend that you use this spread with either high level runes or a high rank since one of each spreads show most of their power this way, especially since Vanitus has average Base Stats.
Best View In The World gives him a 3 turn Mirror Mirror, but it also Burns. When you combine this with Ego Boost, you'll restore 50% Life and Stamina and gain Damage Boost, but since this is almost impossible for the AI to manage, All Is Vanity can be used to deal great damage and have Precision.. Arrogant Punches gives him Stun immunity and is 0 CD with a great 55 Base Power, and is unresisted. Lastly, Everybody Look At Me is a 40 Base Power AOE move. 1 Speed, Strength and Life should only be used with Ego Boost, and I recommend using AIV in the last slot with this spread since this spread is a tank spread and AOEs won't help more than high Base Power moves. Alternatively, getting ELAM and AIV together with 2 Strength 1 Speed is also a solid choice.

Teammates: As a tank Vanitus enjoys monsters who can rid him of status since he Burns himself and can get Poisoned or Bleed. He doesn't worry much about Magic deniers since they mostly use Possession.

Countering Vanitus: Use your AOE moves before he gets to use BVITW-especially your AOE deny moves since they'll be reflected back at you. If he gets the move off, then avoid using AOE unless it won't hurt you much. If he's a tank, you can use Barbatos' Master of Pain on Vanitus, dealing massive damage once and then making him lose 30% of his maximum life which usually results in him dying, but Barbatos will suffer large amounts of damage too. Beware: removing buffs does not remove Mirror Mirror.