ideas to "keep the game alive"

Dragon city seems to be struggling to maintain their player counters, it can be considered a surprise the there are still some people playing the gave. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot to do except battle in arena and possibly against friends.

I believe the developers should provide many other features allowing people to be more engaged, an example of this is the "high feral heroic race". This had been one of the major events that had ever engaged players to be consistent with their activities in the game.

Suggestions of what they could do to make players more enthusiastic to play are the following:

1). Alliance v alliance (pvp mode): consists of 10 separate alliances within a group. They all battle each other, such as in arena. Each win from a member provides 5 points to their alliance. Anyone alliance can battle one another. There could be a cooldown for how many opportunities that can be provided (arena combat system).

The match-up should also be based on the alliance information (total trophies, master point and more). Competition should last for a 2 weeks or duration can be chosen by developers. Rewards should be appreciable, not futile.

  1. Dungeon themed challenge: people have enemies such as in dragon rescue. Differs to an extent as there would be a certain number of waves, the difficulty should accumulate. This game mode should be playable with alliance members or friends (by having some kind of join me request feature ) When a certain wave is undefeatable, the player(s) should be rewarded handsomely dependent on the difficulty. There should be a limit to how often it can be done, sub-suggestion: another form of dragon keys just only to begin the adventure or cooldown for a desired duration by developers.

Those are all the ideas i have to keep the game "alive", they are mainly targeted to engage players to play then wait hours for arena battle to refill as there would be more options and variety of things to do; not just collecting dragons cause "why not".

Finally, If anything offensive had been stated within this message please do not be offended as it wasn't intentional.