Hello Monster Masters!

Our latest version is here! This 11.1.3 will contain the following content:

Improvements for Bounty Hunt:

  • Don’t miss the beginning of the event: there’s a new pop-up right when the hunt starts.
  • We have added a confirmation notification when we’re about to spend more than 20 Gems in Bounty Hunt stamina.
  • The map will be showing the right avatars.
  • Visual fixes for rewards when a player defeats the fugitive.
  • Bounty Hunt Coins are being updated automatically after defeating a fugitive without having to restart the game.

Other fixes:

  • We have fixed the visuals for the video ad icon over the farms.
  • The Japanese texts are being shown correctly now.
  • We fixed the Collect Gold visual bug on gold amounts for habitats with Corrupted monsters.
  • No more crashes on notifications for the Era Shop.
  • Live duel desynchronization fix.

Thank you for all your feedback, it was essential! You are the best