Welcome to my 3rd Analysis, and it features Katufo!
Overview: Katufo is the first Golden Legends Pass monster, and is the first Mythic ever in the Monstagram. He uses Stun to prevent his enemies from attacking, and is able to support himself, with Control Immunity and Precision.

Katufo can also torture his enemies, with Drowned and Shock, he can also Daze his enemies. Katufo has Freeze Immunity at rank 0, countering all the Freeze monsters, and at rank 1, he gains Bleed Immunity, which isn't a good trait, and he will never miss once he is rank 3, with SC: Precision.

He has fantastic Relics, and can hold the Revival Relics. His stats are very average, but Power is very low, and his speed is the normal for a Control OG Mythic.

Katufo's special will double Stun.

Skill Set:
0_1618580711727_680. Katufo.png

Recommended Skills:
-Kid Kat
-Electro Miau
-Bream Slap
-Purr-fect Cattack

When Katufo was released, he was very good, but now he is outdated. He can Stun all enemies, and then Shock, Daze and Drown them. Katufo also has nice damage output.

Rune Setup: 2 Speed, 1 Strength; 1 Speed, 2 Strength.

Thanks, and If I made any mistakes, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll make changes.