Hello Monster Masters!

As you know, last season we presented a brand new event called Bounty Hunt. It had its ups and downs, but we wanna thank you all for your patience and understanding. As we’re sure everyone can understand, we’re human, and creating such a huge event is not easy at all. It took months of preparation, but we must admit there was room for improvement indeed.

We listened to your feedback and it has shaped all the changes and improvements we will be introducing for this second edition. You'll find a more generous event with more and better rewards.

We hope you enjoy them:

  • All stamina costs for attack and flip have been reduced to 1.
  • Max stamina has been reduced to 5.
  • We’ve added 9 new maps with different sizes. Now the size of the maps scales with the league.
  • We’ve added gems as rewards, so they’ll be waiting for you behind some tiles.
  • We added rewards upon finding the Fugitive.
  • There’s a new roster of monsters being offered as rewards in the shop and levels.
  • We've added Flameara's cells to the Bounty Shop.

We have also fixed bugs here and there and changed the balancing for the event and it’s more accessible to everyone. You’ll see that getting this season's Bounty Hunt monster Mojadrak is totally achievable. And make sure you also check Cruelectrek because he is an incredible ally. Just sayin’... 😏

See you all flipping tiles, bounty hunters!