With many new concepts, and ideas being made every day or two, I want to make something huge and make something I'll stick to, because the past six ideas I've done wasn't stuck to and I always wanted to do more.

Beasts are in the Mythic Rarity, and are stronger than Corrupted Mythic Monsters, and they live in the Mythic Habitat.

You'll also see a second type of Beast known as Omega Beast, which will have higher stats, but will only be limited to 1 per team.

They have 6 skills, and evolving traits, and follow the same rules as Mythics. They don't have Books, meaning they aren't going to be used in Book Wars, but I am giving a new mode called: Beast Wars. Same thing but only Beasts!

The entire universe I've made will crumble, and rise into something new, that'd take months!

Why the new Era?

Why I'm doing Beasts so close to my old ones, is because I felt bored of the other concepts, and fell out of it, for me that means I want to get to the next Era.

But for me to stick to something for a few months or at-least six to seven months, I must:

  1. Learn to love the concept
  2. Improve making a completely unique Meta what relies on Deniers, and Attackers. And sometimes Support.
  3. The biggest one, to get more support on my concepts.

The plan is to make a extremely balanced Meta what won't have MegaTaunt in it, that's because I don't like MegaTaunt meta's as that again has been done for multiple Era's, Cosmic and Corrupted.