You know us, always working on improving the game. This version is very important, so please make sure you have it installed because you need it to participate in this week’s Bounty Hunt!

Here’s what our latest version (11.1.4) contains:

General fixes:

  • Storage filters have been fixed and now they work as they should.
  • We also fixed the broken filters by book on Monstagram and the Lab.
  • When a monster was being ranked up, it could not be chosen for any Survival dungeon. Now it is possible!
  • We fixed some errors with restrictions for dungeon and Team Wars.
  • Players couldn’t sell monsters when the Bounty Hunt wasn’t active.

And speaking of Bounty Hunt, here are some specific improvements for that event:

  • We fixed several bugs in visualizations regarding Fugitives, some texts and disappearing arrows.
  • We added extra information: the cost of flipping a tile can be checked before you flip it.
  • Now we can access the Bounty Hunt directly from the joining screen. It’s easier and clearer!

And also we’re showing off a new icon. Let us know what you think, we think it looks quite fresh. As always, thank you for your feedback, it makes us go the extra mile!