Nature can work two major ways, controlling and supportive, but in the MobVerse, it's completely different. Azte2099 is the demi-god of all nature things. Azte2099 can control how everything works, but his major weakness Nature can cause him to lose some major abilities. He has many ways of making his enemies talk, torture isn't one of them, his that cunning he can take his wants with any force he wants.

He can also use Possession, a rare kind of ability, however, after being possessed by Neurofunk, who also weakened him. But, Azte2099 later won the battle when he decided to control his mind, by wiping all of his memories.

Now he has control of one monster, and plans to destroy the rest of the Universe. Elsewhere, Lady Meow, and Equaleria decide to form a team and plan on recruiting as many people as they like to stop the upcoming threat.

Azte2099 is a Nature Control monster who is Immune to Stun, he'll give out some tortures as-well.

Please note all my future monster will only have one trait and Legendary base stats!.