Lady Meow and Equaleria work together to recruit new team-mates, and uncover a magical Wizard only known as Indering, who will take most of the hits to save the universe from any threats. But his main objective is to find the enemy sides main goal, and then steal it to stop them in their tracks. Which Royal Magus says - “That’s super dangerous, I see the outcome. We lose, afterall, there is always another way.”

Lady Meow and Equaleria agrees. Indering turns back, looks at the both of them, “Well, maybe I can think of another way to make it safer. Royal Magus, you go and find their goals. I along with Lady Meow and Equaleria will find out how to make a defense strong enough against them.” Indering says, as he walks away. “I already see the ending. It’s not good. No-where near, good… let’s find another way. Together.” - Royal Magus says as they walk in a completely different direction.

Azte2099 and Neurofunk share their plans, together and find the best way. Later, revealing on a clear-board with a picture of a essence known as Duskaura. “It’s time. To begin our plans” - Azte2099 tells Neurofunk.

Indering is a Thunder Tank with access to heavy hitting skills. Indering is a Taunt.

Introducing the Good Lair book, a fan made book for the MobVerse story.

Update: Skills now fit, the last one was glitched. Now fixed.