As summer draws near, so does the arrival of brand new events! 🌻

Curious to know more? Take a look at the full line-up below! 😎

29 Apr - 10 May: Clash of Houses Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Queen Joadycea Dragon

1 May - 4 May: Clash of Houses Fog Island
New Dragon: Sledgehammer Dragon

5 May - 9 May: Clash of Houses Maze Island
New Dragon: Glaive Dragon

10 May - 13 May: New Age Faes Tower Island
New Dragons: Fae-Flora Dragon

13 May - 24 May: New Age Faes Maze Island
New Dragons: Fae-Fright Dragon, Fae-Feast Dragon, Fae-Faux Dragon

14 May - 19 May: New Age Faes Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Fae-Fatal Dragon

19 May - 23 May: New Age Faes Runner Island
New Dragon: Fae-Fauna Dragon

24 May - 31 May: Genemancer’s Lab (Clone Chaos Grid Island)
New Dragons: Genemancer Dragon, Dragon Clone I, Dragon Clone II

24 May - 29 May: Creation of Rebirth (Clone Chaos Puzzle Island)
New Dragon: Rebirth Dragon

29 May - 2 Jun: Run of the Clones (Clone Chaos Runner Island)
New Dragon: Dragon Clone III

31 May - 3 Jun: Shapeshifter’s Maze (Clone Chaos Maze Island)
New Dragon: Shapeshifter Dragon

This month will also bring some refreshing new features to the game, but there’s only one way to find out what we are talking about… Keep playing Dragon City! 😏

So stay tuned for more information!