Porruptess was once Korruptess before Azte2099 got Neurofunk to transform him, after he was transformed he got such power he couldn’t control it, which spread like a wildfire. But, in luck, he stopped the spread so no-one else got taken over. Neurofunk arrives back at the top secret bunker with Porruptess, and talks to Azte2099. “It was a Success.” - Neurofunk mentions to Azte2099 - “I see, now. Our next goal is to find Duskaura, that substance will help us in a future plan of mine.” - replies Azte2099.

Lady Meow and Equaleria arrive at Pure Kingdom, where only Pure Corrupted Monsters could go. Now being ready for the future, Equaleria meets up with Sir Valgar, who was the most pure of them all. "Equaleria, is it a suprise to see you here, what brings you here?" - Sir Valgar questions, in confusion, he hasn't seen Equaleria around for one and a half years. "I've come on a mission, on a hunt for the Evil substance known only as Duskaura." replies Equaleria, Valgar looks at her with utter disappointment, another substance!

"Another one after Lutum?" - Lady Meow questions as she walks towards both of them. They glare at each other, in confusion.

Porruptess is a Nature Torture granter who can apply Tortures, remove positive effects and disable traits. Porruptess has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has True Vision, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Stun, and at rank 3, he'll cast Torture Immunity to himself at the start of every battle.
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