El Colosal is back with Mythic monsters taking the spotlight! In this massive breeding event, you’ll be able to get Season-3 Original Mythic monsters and Season-3 Cosmic Mythic monsters.

Put two Legendary monsters of the same element together in the Breeding Mountain and see what happens! If the result is a Mythic monster, congratulations 🎉, you discovered the right combination!

If you get Mudflow instead, try that combination again, you’re really close! If it’s neither a Mythic monster nor Mudflow, then start again with a different combination.

Every time you breed a Mythic monster, you’ll receive a Mythic Token which will help you advance through a Timed Challenge. There you’ll receive special rewards every time you reach a milestone, as well as Stardust or Amber as you climb up the Timed Challenge’s ranks.

Remember El Colosal lasts only 24h! The more you share with other Monster Masters, the more Mythic combinations you’ll be able to discover together!