Hello, Monster Masters!
We have a new version being rolled out, if you haven’t received it yet, please be patient, it’s on its way!

Here’s what our latest version (11.1.5) contains:


  • We fixed some text overlaps including the Legends Pass screen and monster traits.
  • Bug in mazes: Monster coin box moved down on the list after fighting in a battle node. Not anymore!
  • Armor claw's "Save RociGod" didn’t restore cooldown when used against a monster with "Area Dodge". Fixed!
  • Bug in rankings in Multiplayer (not correctly showing).

Bounty Hunt

  • Improvements in background.
  • Tile flipping animation crashes are fixed!
  • Mandatory slots error messages were being shown when not expected.
  • The one you were all looking for: Those who did not defeat the Fugitive were also getting the "Fugitive Killer" pop up + received the rewards. Those rewards were not real and “disappeared” (were never there). It’s fixed for the next version and only the one who defeated the Fugitive gets the message and final rewards.
  • Bounty Coins (+ gems) were not updated after discovering the fugitive. They’re there now!