If we want to stand a chance against The Lord, we will need all the help we can get. As part of our anniversary celebration for the next season (we will be 7 years old! 😱 ) we want to do this together. Let’s create the perfect paladin to fight for us and, hopefully, defeat the evil Lord so…

Introducing ⚜️ SIR VALGAR!⚜

We know he’s from the RIGHTEOUS COURT and a LIGHT ATTACKER, but the rest of qualities are totally up to you!

⚜️ Help us choose his Traits, Relic slots and Skills.
⚜️ SHARE your ideas in the comments below.

We will choose the best suggestions from all our social media channels and release Sir Valgar as a birthday monster created by the community!

⚜️ Sir Valgar HAS to be a LIGHT ATTACKER monster from the RIGHTEOUS COURT.
⚜️ Use ONLY existing skills and effects.
⚜️ Feel free to share just some aspects from the list (trait, relics, skills), no need to share them all.

The last day to share your ideas is 10/5/2021 at 11.59 am so hurry up!