As all players who reach the Master arenas will know there's quite an imbalance between the P2P players and the players who are F2P or can't/don't want to spend huge amounts of money on the game. And I feel it it is really getting worse lately, with all the new Heroic Titans, Vampires and Corrupted dragons which have been on sale.
We all encountered those teams of level 70 five-star Mythicals, Titans, Vampires... as our opponents at the start of a new arena.
This is starting to be more and more of a problem, because we all need arena wins...

  • For alliance chests
  • For winning the daily tokens/orbs chest
  • For tasks in events like Puzzle Islands
  • For winning the arena's final rewards
  • To have a goal in the game which is rewarding and fun (currently the arena fights are more frustrating than anything else)

So here's my proposal to improve this situation both for the P2P and the F2P players.

  1. Set up a new Premium Arena for the P2P players. Maybe even sell an entrance ticket for it, to make it more exclusive. The reward of this arena is not tokens and orbs (I imagine these rewards are a joke for P2P players anyway), but eternal fame. Therefore, create a new tower or island that all players have in their game, and which contains a permanent highscore of the champions of the Premium Arena seasons. All players can go there to hail these champions (for some small reward).
  2. Remove all players who enter the Premium Arena from the list of opponents of the Master Arenas. They still might fight in the Master Arenas of course, but any player who doesn't fight in the Premium Arena won't get them as opponents.

The Premium Arena might have seasons like the Master Arena, and maybe also some longer-lasting term (a set of seasons) to determine this year's world champion.

EDIT: Another great feature would be if players could record their fights and post them for others to see, so that we all can learn from the best.
EDIT 2: I changed my mind, a premium arena should yield premium rewards, too! Maybe rainbow tokens and premium orbs chests.