Mighterius is a light damage with Anticipation and Heavy Damage.

Mighterius can applies burn and nightmare to all enemies and before damage applies Taunt Hater to itself. Mighterius has a evolving Trait , at rank 0 has Anticipation , at rank 1 he becomes True Vision and at rank 3 he becomes a Status Caster applying Trait Protection to itself at the start of every battle.

Trait :
R0: Anticipation
R1: True Vision
R3: SC: Trait Protection

Element: Light

Relics: Amulet and Mask


Strong Punch: Deals moderate light damage to one enemy.

Scary Dreams : Deals low special damage to all enemies. Applies nightmare to all enemies.

I'm The Highest: Applies Trait Protection and Possesion ─░mmunity to itself.

Flawless Shot: Deals heavy light damage to one enemy.Removes NE from itself.

Fury Fire: Deals moderate fire damage to all enemies.Applies Burn to all enemies.

The Fastest Power: Deals low light damage to one enemy.Gives 1 extra turns to itself.

Last Taunt: Applies Taunt Hater to itself.Deals heavy light damage to one enemy.Removes Taunt Hater to itself.

I'm The Mighter: Removes PE from one enemy.Deals very heavy special damage to one enemy.Removes PE from all enemies.

The End Of The Wicked (Special): Applies pierce to itself. Deals massive light damage to all enemies. Applies burn to all enemies.Removes pierce from itself.