After the update,
I take my word back about that both classic and grand duels suck. Classic are now a bit better, but grand duels, no,NO, they're awful. Now it's rng over rng. You need a ery good denier, a very good support that can per and ner, and a very good runed attacker that isn't an extra turner. And for how much it takes to be able to play, the chances of even being able to win once, are too miniscule. So, how to fix them?
Basically, we should be able to change runes, BUT there is warm ups (I would like that to happen in classic duels, but it isn't as necessary). That will Make attackers more viable, that will Make the 6 team speed combo less viable, and it would just not mean that if you weren't first, it won't be like 90% of the time you'll lose.