Norton came to being with the idea of a safe world, protected from the new age threats of the digital world that we live in. Its products consist of anti-virus or anti-malware software solutions that extend high-quality support to your devices.

With you can get started with your subscription and shield yourself and your family from getting attacked online.

Norton crafts the products with powerful encryptions so you can play online games, pay bills, check emails and keeps all your online activities as they should be- Private.

With their protection solutions, you’ll always know that you’re safe all the time.


Before we move ahead to know how to set up your antivirus subscription with, here are the steps involved in acquiring the antivirus:

From your browser go visit the official Norton website.
Check and analyze the products to choose the best.
Hit on the “Subscribe Now” link post-decision.
Type in your email address for registration.
Follow the prompted instructions for account sign-up.
Add in features, or just hit on “Skip”.
Type in and submit your card details for the payment.
Finish with “Next” to make the purchase.

If you already have an account, only type in the username and password.
You can also use PayPal to make the subscription payment.

Now, its time to set you up with your newly purchased Norton product:

Sign in to Norton account.
Type in, and submit the Product Key.
Go to the subscription and hit “Download”.
Fix a version and the language.
Get the downloaded setup running.
Hit “Run”, “Setup”, or “Save File” (as shown).
Launch any Symantec Norton 2020 application.
Hit “Activate” in the Norton Activation Wizard.
Move ahead according to the prompted instructions.
Note: There you go. You’ve purchased a subscription, downloaded and installed it.


What else can be better than being happy and safe with your family?

Norton says you are their family and they will never let you get harmed outside of that safe bubble. You decide what you want protecting and for how long. It has been protecting you and will keep up with it.

And with you can be sure about being a part of the Norton family and your safety will be taken care of along with the download and installation process of the antivirus subscription.

So, just go through and follow the above-mentioned steps to feel at home, even when you are connected to the Internet with your data online.